Vang Lutheran Church, N. Dak. | June 2013

Friends of mine invited me to their a place near and dear to their heart, Vang Lutheran Church about 30 or so miles north of Highway 2 in North Dakota.  After miles of two-lane highway and gravel road, I had no idea I would see a beauty such as this. I spent about an hour at the site. The church was surrounded by gravestones with birth years as old as 1886. There was a lone tree that framed the church beautifully from behind. And off in the distance, I watched my friend and his daughter walk through his family’s memorials. Hearing his voice in the distance put a smile on my face to know how much this area mean to him. After looking at these photos a few days in a row, I continually fall in love with them over and over again. One building, different angles and colors.  Even more, the history of this church makes me speechless: baptisms, weddings, funerals, sermons. Life changing moments have been made here. I’m grateful I was able to capture a small moment in time with this beautiful piece of history to share with others.

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For information or to purchase, | 218.791.0704.


4 Comments on “Vang Lutheran Church, N. Dak. | June 2013

  1. I would like to purchase this for my parents. Wondering how much this would be? Let me know of here or my cell phone 701-740-7231

    • Hi Sharyl,
      I’m so glad you like the photographs. It was a fun location to shoot. I’ll call you this morning to determine details. All the best. ~ DeAnn B.

  2. My grand parents Ralph and Myrtle Foyen Boe, my great grandparents Knute and Ida Qualy Boe, my great great grandparents Peter and Marguret Qually,along with Uncles & Aunts of various generations are all buried there. This is SCACRED GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for honoring this place!
    Mark Daley
    Santa FE, NM

    • So happy you enjoyed the photos. This really was one of my most favorite places to photograph.

      If there are any you’d like to have personally, you they are available at

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